These are the common mistakes we make when we are doing our nail painting at home.

Paint Your Nail When Dry

Experts advise that dirty nails are a cause of nail damaging. Get the nail surface super clean before starting nail painting. The paint life will be made smaller if there is any moisture, dust and nail polish remains from your previous nail polish. Dust, oil or dirt enters into our nails through the corners of nails after doing our daily house chores. All this dirt is our nails great enemy. So, make your nails perfectly clean before applying polish.

Not Preparing The Surface

Wipe clean your nails by using soaked cotton in the nail kmkjijkimkpolish remover before paint application.You should know lotion prevents polish from adhering. You can use pure acetone nail remover as it gets rid of residue faster through it makes your nails dry you can opt to use a non-acetone polish remover to get a better surface for painting.

Skip A Base Coat

The bottom layer presents the polish something smart. Moreover base coat sticks more than the nail polish itself according to conducted studies. A base coat is sticky and soft to contract and expand with you, and it helps in color adherence. You will get a long lasting polish; if you apply the base coat.

Keep The Polish Covered All The Time

The nail polished should be kept covered all the time as even a quality polish starts to thicken whenever it gets into contact with the air. Make sure you cover that the lid of the nail polish when after use or while using don’t leave it uncovered for long.make sure you the bottle is tightly closed when you want to take a break. This will help in preventing the polish from drying, or thickening which that may make it not useful.

Forgoing Maintenance

kmdekckYou should wear some rubber gloves when doing your daily house chores of scrubbing pan and pots so that your nail polish doesn’t chip off easily. You may have to apply a layer of fast drying coat to enable your manicure to last long in a perfect shine. Use oils to keep your nails hydrated daily.

Wrong Painting Process

To get the best results you should follow the correct and right procedure. Apply nail polish in 3 thin even strokes. Before applying the second coat wait for some few minutes. You can get a last longer paint and a shiny look if you use your polish perfectly.

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